Adarsh Thakur

4 Mistakes to avoid while building a front-end application from scratch

4 of the basic mistakes that can be avoided to make a large-scale frontend application.

1. Not choosing the best suitable framework/library.

There are plenty of libraries and frameworks available on the web to choose from, many of the time it is a straightforward process but some of the time it takes you ages(kidding 🤪) to choose the best suitable library or framework.

2. Not spending time on project structure.

3. Using 3rd party dependency excessively.

When there is a new project there are deadlines, and it is human nature to look for shortcuts and these shortcuts can cost you in the future. I have seen in many projects devs using 3rd party dependency excessively and not fully understanding the use of the one that you already have.

4. Not doing peer review due to deadlines.

Reviewing each other work always leads to a stronger code base, which indeed helpful for any project’s future development. Each individual has a different perspective about things, we can just utilize this virtue to improve the project.

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