Adarsh Thakur

5 VS Code Extensions that make coding more exciting.

These are the 5 VS Code extensions to improve your coding and save some time.

1. Prettier — Code formatter (12.6M installs 🔥)

A web developer writes usually hundreds of lines of code, no matter how good you are with the keyboard code always gets messier, and with all this chaos it is difficult to understand the code.

{ "editor.defaultFormatter": "esbenp.prettier-vscode" }

2. Live Server (11.9M installs 🔥)

Serving the static files on the server could be a headache sometimes, need to install an HTTP server some additional code to configure the server, and even though sometimes it can take hours.

3. Turbo Console Log (12.6M installs 🔥)

Writing a meaningful log message is really a skill when it comes to debugging a javascript application.

ext install ChakrounAnas.turbo-console-log

4. Better Comments (1.7M installs 🔥)

Writing Comments can be tricky sometimes, we always need to make sure that comments should be catchy and easily understandable.

5. Code Spell Checker (2.6M installs 🔥)

Sometimes a simple spell mistake can lead to a bigger problem. what the FCUK 🤪?

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