Getting Started With JavaScript

What is Javascript? and Why use it?

Adarsh Thakur
3 min readMay 23, 2021

Hey Guys👋, This is my first article from the series A, B, C’s of JavaScript. In which I will be explaining the idea behind the javascript and its Building blocks. Without further delay let’s jump to the main article.

Programming is the act of constructing a program, a set of precise instructions telling a computer what to do.

I will be not be telling you about the history of JavaScript. The main idea behind this series is to get you started with development in Javascript if you are a novice developer and for the experience professional it will be a brush-up(with new perception). In this article we will not do any coding instead, we will get the idea behind Javascript and its use.

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is the Dumbest 🙁 and Cleverest 🙂 (yes at the same time) programming language that I have used. Yeah for a person who doesn’t know what JavaScript can do it is the Dumbest language, but for a person with proper knowledge knows that this is the Cleverest language ever developed(🥺 Tears of Pride).

The reason behind calling javascript Dumbest is that it accepts anything from a programmer and interprets it completely differently. In another the terms, it’s so liberal that it allows programmers to write anything. Which makes it so easy to understand even for a novice developer.

console.log("I Love 💛 JavaScript");

Programming Paradigm in JavaScript.

When it comes to a programming paradigm, JavaScript’s status is Complicated, because Javascript is a Multi-paradigm language that follows,

I told you it is Complicated. You can write a whole application with functions only(yes literally) Javascript will not mind, or you can follow the OOP concept to build an application or you can use both of them together(OH MAH GOD) javascript won’t mind(How can you not fall in love with this, I just did, Again).

As with any other programming language, Javascript has some Building-blocks that make it superbly awesome…..

  • Types and Values
  • Data Structures
  • Expressions and statements
  • Functions

These all will be covered in detail in the upcoming article in this series.

Why use JavaScript?

  • Well duh! Why not, after reading all of the above points. Jokes apart, if you are looking for building on a web application or Native Mobile Application with High Performance and lightweight.
  • Also, there are plenty of Libraries and Frameworks that are available on the web which allows you to control and use the powers of JavaScript in every possible way.
  • Javascript has a Community of Hundred of thousands of developers, who are ready to help you with any programming problem.

This is it for this article we will meet soon, with the second article in this series Explaining about Operators and DataStructures in JavaScript to get notified about my next article do follow me, till then You can connect me on Twitter or DM on Discord.

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