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Getting Started With JavaScript

What is Javascript? and Why use it?

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is the Dumbest 🙁 and Cleverest 🙂 (yes at the same time) programming language that I have used. Yeah for a person who doesn’t know what JavaScript can do it is the Dumbest language, but for a person with proper knowledge knows that this is the Cleverest language ever developed(🥺 Tears of Pride).

console.log("I Love 💛 JavaScript");

Programming Paradigm in JavaScript.

When it comes to a programming paradigm, JavaScript’s status is Complicated, because Javascript is a Multi-paradigm language that follows,

  • Data Structures
  • Expressions and statements
  • Functions

Why use JavaScript?

  • Well duh! Why not, after reading all of the above points. Jokes apart, if you are looking for building on a web application or Native Mobile Application with High Performance and lightweight.
  • Also, there are plenty of Libraries and Frameworks that are available on the web which allows you to control and use the powers of JavaScript in every possible way.
  • Javascript has a Community of Hundred of thousands of developers, who are ready to help you with any programming problem.

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